About BNI

Ealing’s local chapter for BNI

Business Network International is the largest and most successful business networking organisation in the world.

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Its success is based on members creating business opportunities for each other in a proactive organised way. People give work to people they like and trust. Think of it as having 40 or 50 people every week acting as your sales force.

Personal recommendation is the most powerful and effective form of advertising. In the last 12 months we have generated over £1,500,000 of revenue for each other. That’s around £35,000 per member.

However, that is not the only benefit of BNI membership. BNI International, our umbrella corporation, provides training in essential business skills. It gives you the opportunity to work with others to win new business.

You also have a network of experts to advise you on all aspects of running your own business, such as how to market your goods and services, chase a debt, print your stationery or present your accounts. If your house needs painting, your car servicing or your boiler fixing there is sure to be a member you can turn to.

It’s not all business however. We also like each other, so we ensure opportunities are created to meet socially over a meal or drink.

Whilst we admit only one trade member per trade or profession, we are not a closed network. We welcome non-competing visitors every week, whether they are looking for suppliers, or looking for business people to collaborate with.

If you would like to see for yourself, please contact us on 020 8735 9794 or fill out your details on the contact page and we will arrange a date for you to attend.